Published On: Sat, Apr 21st, 2018

No Handshakes, then No Citizenship: France


Orthodox Muslim women often refuse to give handshake to unrelated men. They believe it is prohibited as per their religious belief.

It seems that the European country of France is not in a mood to respect the religious beliefs of its people and those who wish to become its people.

Through a controversial activity, the country and its judicial system have recently proved that it pays more respect to its extreme liberal ideologies than the ideology of freedom of religion.

The activity in question is the French government’s recent move to deny the naturalisation of an Algerian woman, who deserves a French citizenship as she is the wife of a French man, on a flimsy and unjustifiable ground that she has refused to give handshake to the presiding officer who has been at her naturalisation ceremony.

The shocking fact is that even a French court has upheld the ruling made by the French government that the women has failed to assimilate completely with the French community and the values it uphold.

The big question here is: what is secularism? The woman, from the available information, has just tried to stay loyal to the teachings she have been taught by her religion. Her act, as per the available data, has not been intended to hurt any other religion or person.

Will such a person be unfit for a, so called, secular –liberal- country?


Vignesh. S. G

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No Handshakes, then No Citizenship: France