Published On: Mon, Nov 5th, 2018

Old is Gold



‘Old is Gold’ is not just an advertising statement. It is an adage which has several hidden meanings. In this context, it is better to assume its meaning as antiques have more value than what is generally assumed. The fact is that very few understand this fact.

Dr Monson Mavunkal, the renowned cosmologist-cum-antique collector, is one of the very few persons who understand the value of antiques.

He has a large collection of antiques, from old luxury cars to ancient holy books and documents. Almost all of those antiques the doctor has in his house in Kochi where it is preserved and showcased are very precious and priceless, as the doctor has a professional eye for quality. The paintings of world renowned painters such as Raja Ravi Varma and Pablo Picasso, the books used by ancient Indian rulers such as Aurangzeb, Sivaji and Tippu Sultan, the first edition of Holy Bible, and the rare palm leaf documents are the most valuable items the doctor has in his collection.



Many have come forward to buy those in the doctor’s collection. He has turned down all such offers politely, saying that the collection he possesses is private in nature and is thus not for sale.


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Old is Gold