Published On: Thu, Apr 19th, 2018

Online pro-Syrian activists aggressively sell a conspiracy theory


Recently, the United States and the West, particularly the United Kingdom and France, launched an attack against the Syrian government, alleging that the Bashar al-Assad led government executed a chemical attack against the local people living a rebel held region near Damascus.

Denouncing the allegation triggered against Syria and the country which supports the Assad regime, Russia, Damascus and Moscow strongly expressed their dissatisfaction.

The pro-Syrian faction even went one step further to defend their claims by welcoming the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapon to examine the spot where the chemical weapon attack allegedly took place.

With the emergence of a pro-Russian or pro-Syrian online journalist team, the crisis has entered a higher stage. For the last few days, the social media platforms have been receiving several pro-Russian or pro-Syrian or anti-Western messages. Most of these messages have been circulated by the aforementioned group of, so called, independent journalists.

They have even created a conspiracy theory to justify the actions of the countries it supports. As per their theory, the alleged chemical weapon attack in the rebel held region near Damascus against the innocent people was a false flag attack articulated as an end result of a conspiracy between the Western countries and the anti-Syrian Islamic rebels. According to the theory, the attack was intended to help the west find a justification to the disastrous plan which it is planning to implement in the war-distorted Syria.


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Online pro-Syrian activists aggressively sell a conspiracy theory