Published On: Thu, Aug 17th, 2017

Over 37 inmates killed in prison riot in Venezuela

Nearly thirty-seven prisoners have been killed in the prison riot in the Latin American country of Venezuela. The country has been witnessing the state of instability in almost all sectors, which require a stable revenue resource, since it fell into the clutches of a serious economic crisis which was triggered by the plummeting oil price –the oil is the prime revenue resource of the country. Almost all prisons in the country are understaffed so most of the prisons are ruled by the criminal gangs living in those jails. A government source has informed the International media houses that nearly fourteen prison officials have been seriously injured in the riot. The prison located in the Southern region of the country has nearly 105 prisoners at the time of the riot. The authorities have sent Special Forces to the region in order to contain the riot and bring the situation under control. As per the latest information, the swift action of the central government has evaded further crisis. Though no International agency has commented on the incident yet, the incident will definitely put the country in a defenceless state. Recently, the United States asserted that they would not shy away from using the military power to establish justice. It is learned that the opposition parties are trying to project the prison riot as a security crisis in order to prove that the country is no longer safe for the people to live in.


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Over 37 inmates killed in prison riot in Venezuela