Published On: Tue, Jul 24th, 2018

Over 50 dead in wild fire in Greece


As many as fifty people have been killed in wild fire in Athens’ Attica region in Greece. It is said that this wild fire is one of the most disastrous wild fires the country has experienced in this decade.

The Greece government has requested the assistance of foreign government to contain the disaster. So far, over twenty six dead bodies have been recovered from the site where the wild fire has originated.

It is learned that there have been many tourists in the region where the wild fire have broken out. Until now, no information regarding the missing tourists has been publicised.

It is said that some have used local boats to escape from the spot through the water bodies located near the site where the fire has engulfed.

The Greece authorities have deployed several rescue operators in and around the place where the disaster has occurred. Considering the limitations of the Greece rescue operators, the death rate is likely to increase in the coming hours.

Notably, the Greece rescue operators, overcoming the limitations, have successfully rescued several tourists stranded in a beach near the wild fire site, give high hopes.

It is the high time for the International authorities to interfere in the issue.


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Over 50 dead in wild fire in Greece