Pakistan court acquits woman sentenced to death for blasphemy


A Pakistan court has acquitted Asia Bibi, the woman who was sentenced to death for delivering some offensive comments about Prophet Mohammed.

The verdict has triggered huge protest across the country. Pakistan is a Muslim country. There are many people in the country who argue that no mercy should be shown to those convicted for blasphemy.

Anyway, it is important to note that there are some who have welcomed the judgment. Those are who want to see a Progressive Pakistan, liberated from the suffocating clutches of blind conservatives.

In a sense, it is a historic judgement. In the judgment, the judge has quoted a message of the Prophet that teaches the importance of showing mercy and kindness to those who possess a different belief.

The history says that the blasphemy rule was introduced by the British Raj. But, it is learned that it was during the military rule period several significant amendment happened in this rule. It is assumed that it was during the rule of military leaders the provision allowing the use of severe punishment including death sentence for the crime of blasphemy was introduced.

The court ruling is expected to dilute the stiff blasphemy law of Pakistan. All laws which do not fit to be used in a progressive society are to be scrapped if the world wants to show fairness equally to everyone who live in it.



Vignesh. S. G

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Pakistan court acquits woman sentenced to death for blasphemy