Published On: Mon, May 29th, 2017

Paris says ‘No’ to ‘Black Feminist Festival’













Avoiding the possibility of a violent confrontation with the anti-discrimination and anti-racist organisations and the far-rightist groups and political parties, the Paris Mayor, Anne Hidalgo, has banned the ‘Black Feminist Festival’ on the ground that the event does not comply with the secular values protected and nourished by the French constitution and government. It is alleged that the organisers have tried to separate the population on the basis of their colour and race by offering the reservation to black people in around four-fifth of the venue in which the program is scheduled to take place.

The far rightist groups and political parties and anti-racist and anti-discrimination organisations have strongly condemned the festival, citing that it fuels racism and discrimination.Meanwhile, the supporters of the event have criticized the mayor and the government and questioned the authority of her position. Many believe that the civil groups have been misguided by the rightist organisations and political parties tactically disguised as the protectors of the secularism. It is the latest case of the ‘secular fascism’ which is commonly seen in the western countries such as the US, the UK and France where the people’s cultural, racial, religious, communal and traditional identities are forced to sacrifice on the alter of secularism in the pretext of protecting the country from falling into the clutches of fascism or anything worse than that. Should we encourage the ‘secular fascism’? Will it hurt the ‘liberal democracy’ if we discourage the ‘secular fascism’?





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Paris says ‘No’ to ‘Black Feminist Festival’