Published On: Thu, Mar 22nd, 2018

Peru supremo steps down from his post


The supremo of the Latin American country of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, has stepped down from this post of president over the allegation that he has tried to influence the opposition politicians by offering financial rewards.

Even though he has resigned over the vote-buying scandal which has been violently jolting his chair for last few days, he has asserted that he has no involvement in the aforementioned scandal.

A couple of days before a video footage emerged showing the president’s allies offering rewards to the opposition politicians.

When the media persons have asked the president about the footage, the resigned president has said that the footage has been deliberately edited to incriminate him.

Mr Kuczynski has been suffering serious political struggles since his induction into the top post with the help of a slender margin in Peru in the year 2016.

His party enjoys no serious support in the parliament where the opposition is more powerful in terms of numbers than the ruling.

Mr Kuczynski, who recently survived a non-confidence motion, has indicated in his brief statement that he doesn’t fear the opposition, but claimed that he doesn’t want to disturb the development process of the country.

He has also alleged that the opposition has clandestinely tried to execute a political coup through the parliament in the form of non-confidence motions.


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Peru supremo steps down from his post