Published On: Fri, Feb 10th, 2017

Peruvian court orders authorities to arrest former supremo










As more and more cases of embezzlement and corruption involved by the political elite class functioning in the less developed Latin American countries come into limelight day by day, the need for a serious monitoring agency arises in the Latin American region. Strengthening the statement, a Peruvian court has ordered authorities to arrest the former President of the country, Alejandro Toledo, for allegedly accepting bride. It is accused that the former supremo received nearly 20 million US dollar as bribe from a Brazilian firm, named Odebrecht, in return of letting the company grab the construction work contract illegally.It is learned that the former executive director of the company, Jorge Barata, admitted the crime and requested for the plea bargain. Meanwhile, Toledo, who is presently living in the US, strongly denied the allegation triggered against him, calling it as a politically motivated case levelled against him by his political opponents. He reportedly challenged the government to prove that he accepted the bribe, and asked the confessed company executive to publicize ‘where he sent the bribe and to which account’. Interestingly, Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski advised his opponent to return to the country and face the trial courageously. As per the report, the investigative officials searched the residence of the former supremo but did not find any concrete evidence regarding the crime that he allegedly committed. It is suspected that the new political developments in the country are likely to turn the country again into a politically disturbed nation.


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Peruvian court orders authorities to arrest former supremo