Published On: Thu, Sep 28th, 2017

Playboy founder is no more


Hugh Hefner, who is regarded by many as the world’s most popular and powerful advocate of free speech and sexual freedom, has passed away today peacefully.

The ninety-one-year man, who is the founder of the world famous adult magazine ‘Playboy’, was suffering from age-related illness.

His magazine brought in a new culture of eroticism, which was extremely different from what it was then perceived as the art of nudity and eroticism, and empowered many to express their thoughts and feelings about the controversial subjects such as the sexuality without any fear and embarrassment. The classic erotic magazine eliminated several notions surrounding the controversial subjects such as the eroticism and nudity.

Though when he started the magazine it was not more than a mere adult magazine, his company amassed great fortune within a short period as it took no time for the magazine to become the top-selling publication of the United States.

He invited strong criticism due to his unacceptable lifestyle, his act of objectification of women’s body and his infamous parties.

He was born in Chicago in the year 1926. He, who was a psychology graduate, worked in the Army and some publications.

Several models, former playmates and civil rights have expressed condolences.


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Playboy founder is no more