Published On: Fri, Dec 8th, 2017

Poland: Elite banker replaces hard-working ordinary woman as PM


Giving an impression that Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party is inching towards a elite culture, which was followed by its opposition while they were ruling the country, and for which its opposition faced a humiliating defeat in the last general election against them, the ruling party leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, has replaced Beata Szydlo, who is the representative of ordinary people, with elite banker Mateusz Morawiecki, who is presently handling the portfolio of the finance minister, as the new Prime Minister of the country, even after the resigned PM successfully won the non-confidence motion triggered against her by the opposition members in the parliament.

It is clear that the ruling Law and Justice Party wants their representative to implement some significant economic reforms. With the help of the new PM, who is fluent in both German and English, and who successfully contributed in improving the sales tax revenue and channelizing more money to the social security programs, the party leaders believe the country can improve its financial and economic state and forge better relation with Germany, the UK and other western countries, which have limited its relation with Warsaw over the unwelcoming media and judicial reform the Eastern European country attempted.


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Poland: Elite banker replaces hard-working ordinary woman as PM