Published On: Sat, Jul 21st, 2018

Poland’s lower house clears controversial bill seeking tougher judiciary reforms


The lower house of Poland has passed a controversial bill, which seeks to make it easier for the ruling populist government to replace the senior judges of the country’s top courts with those judges who support the ruling government’s policies and ideologies.

Earlier, the European Union, as well as several liberal European countries, denounced the Poland government’s attempt to present the controversial bill before the parliament for its approval.

It is said that the bill could weaken the existing judicial system which has been preventing the populist Polish government form implementing hasher populist policies against the interest of a huge section of people in the nation, particularly those posses a liberal thought process, since the inception of the populist government.

Recently, the Supreme Court Chief Justice, Malgorzata Gersdorf, expressed her disagreement over the Polish government’s decision to bring the controversial policy into existence, and declined to step down from the post even after she was prompted by the government in various occasions to step down from the top post of the judicial system of the country.

Anyway, the bill needs the accent of the country’s senate and president to become law; both of these positions are occupied by the supporters of the populist government so the bill is not likely to suffer any opposition in its future course to become a law.

Is Poland slowly transforming into an authoritarian country?


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Poland’s lower house clears controversial bill seeking tougher judiciary reforms