Published On: Wed, Jun 21st, 2017

Police raid lands them up behind the book shelves

Argentinian police on Tuesday discovered Nazi era artefacts in a dusty secret room behind the bookshelves.

This has been so far the largest apnaziartifactsprehension of the archeological and nazi artefacts according to the country’s security minister, Patricia Bullrich. The seized artefacts included framed handguns with Nazi insignia, daggers, war medals, trophies and large embossed bust of Adolf hitler.


According to the reports the artefacts where kept inside a small room which was only accessed through a secret door behind a large bookshelf. With the kind of secrecy, it was definable kept away from the secret door. Speaking to the reporters, Marcelo El Haibe, Inspector Commissar with the Cultural Heritage Protection of Argentina’s federal police said “ We found the objects in glass casings in a room, absolutely inaccessible to anyone.” The artefacts were said to be in their original cases like as a set of harmonicas and children building blocks. The authorities have denied from giving away the identity of the presumed owner also have denied in giving out any information on its whereabouts.

Azam Sait 

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Police raid lands them up behind the book shelves