Published On: Fri, Jun 16th, 2017

Politicians warn Theresa May over DUP deal.

With a not so convincing 12 seat majority in parliamentary, Theresa may’s Conservative party has been struggling to form a government. Her attempt to form a coalition government with Far Right Democratic Unionist Party has been criticised. Forming a government with DUP can risk the peace prevailing in the Northern Ireland.


With this coalition government, Theresa May would be putting the Good Friday agreement on stake. Under this Unionist and Irish republicans formed a government, with UK just acting as an arbitrator between there two parties.

By conservate joining hands with DUP, it might undermine this agreement and also risk the prevailing peace.

“There’s a level of incompetence and lack of understanding by this government on Northern Ireland that is very troubling,” was quoted by former Labour Secretary for Northern Ireland, Peter Hain while speaking to CNN reporters.

John major, former conservative Prime Minster to said that is Theresa May goes ahead with the deal, it has a huge tendency of putting the fragile peace at risk.

Azam Sait

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Politicians warn Theresa May over DUP deal.