Politics of Polygamy


An article appeared in “The Economist” magazine has clearly exposed the politics of polygamy, in details.

As per the writer who articulated the exceptional article for the International magazine, a society which practices the act of polygamy is more violent than the societies in which the act is illegal.

In most of the polygamous societies, women are considered as mere objects. In such societies, women are treated just like wealth.

The article says that in these societies, just like wealth, women are also unequally distributed among the citizens.

In those societies in which the wealth is unequally distributed, the violence is inevitable. Surprisingly, the article does have an explanation for the question why the terrorist organisations capture or procure young women, along with arms and ammunitions and wealth.

The article claims that in these violent-distorted countries if you own a weapon you can acquire wealth and wife.

The article tries to state that for most young recruits marriage is a prime attraction. The article justifies their argument by pointing out the fact that in a normal circumstance if a poor boy born in a polygamous society wants to marry a girl he must give a huge sum to the girl’s family as per the local custom, so those born in the poor families (the preponderance of the youth population of Syria, Iraq and Sudan) may not afford to buy life partners.

The article does not try to state that this is the one and only reason for the prevalence of extremist activities and violence in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Sudan, but it do tries to state that the unequal distribution of life partners or the young men’s frustration is also the reason for the emergence in violence in these regions.

Proper initiatives should be taken in these regions to make sure that wealth do not deprive a man from starting a family life.


Vignesh. S. G

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Politics of Polygamy