Published On: Wed, May 30th, 2018

Portuguese lawmakers reject euthanasia


Putting a blockage before the Portuguese leftist government’s intention to legalise the controversial process of euthanasia, the country’s parliament has rejected the proposal seeking the legalisation of euthanasia.

When over 110 lawmakers have supported the proposal, as many as 115 parliamentarians of the 230-member Portuguese parliament have opposed the proposal, which has been denounced by the conservatives and church.

Though the ruling Socialist government has campaigned for the proposal, the conservatives have appealed against the controversial demand.

Actually, the last minute split which has happened in the leftist coalition has helped the conservatives to defeat the proposal.

Minutes before the commencement of the election, the communists, which is the part of the ruling Socialist party, has decided to vote against the proposal.

Several anti-abortion groups have organised protests outside the Portuguese parliament, expressing their strong objection.

The groups has demanded that the government must think of developing more advanced palliative care units than of creating a law which fear the older people.

Meanwhile, while speaking to the media representatives, a senior leftist leader has claimed that though his party’s move to legalise the euthanasia has failed in the parliament, it has succeeded in bringing in a debate in the society about the controversial process, about which the people often fear to talk.


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Portuguese lawmakers reject euthanasia