Post Brexit, NHS likely to get more fund


Giving huge hopes to those people, who offered enormous support to the controversial move of the British government to leave the European Single Market, the UK Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, has asserted that the extra fund, which will be saved each week after the implementation of the move to leave the single market, will be earmarked to strengthen the publicly funded healthcare programs such as the National Health Service.

Meanwhile, the economic experts have formally rejected the claim made by the leave campaigners and the foreign secretary that ‘leaving the EU would save near 350 million Euros a week’.

There have been allegations that some supporters of the Brexit are trying to mislead the public by giving false statistic details.

The noteworthy fact is that the crucial statement of the foreign secretary comes ahead of UK supremo Theresa May’s visit to Florence.

There have been reports that Ms. May is trying to make a special partnership with the European Union after the Brexit.

The labour leaders, who are unhappy with the present economic and political developments in the country, have alleged that there is a kind of leadership conflict exists among the top leaders of the Conservative Party so no consensus has been created on the crucial matters such as the Brexit.


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Post Brexit, NHS likely to get more fund