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Prevention of cough

  1. A vaporizer and also a steamy shower are one the best two ways to increase humidity in the air, gradually it relieves one from a cough.


  1. During the illness include consumption of extra fluids, lukewarm water or citrus fruit juices. This helps the secretion thin and makes it easier to cough up.


  1. When its stuffy or a runny nose accompanied by a cough. It is openly diagnosed by mucous dropping down the back of the throat. So the best treatment for this type of a cough is a decongestant that tends to open the nasal passages and will relieve the postnasal drip.


  1. It is important to consult with a doctor before taking decongestants. if an individual is having high blood pressure (hypertension)


  1. A cough because of chronic postnasal drip are probably because of sinus infection or allergy. Antihistamines or a steroid nasal spray would help suppress the allergic inflammation, apart from avoiding the allergen object. This


  1. During attacks of upper respiratory illness, washing hands frequently is important.


  1. An acute infection like pneumonia or asthma induced cough to require consultation with doctors as it been antibiotics, antihistamine or bronchodilators.

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Prevention of cough