Published On: Mon, Feb 6th, 2017

Pro-independence movement gains momentum in Catalan







It is a fact that trust and respect are the prime factors that bind federals close to their parent countries. Once it is lost, it is better to negotiate a decent divorce. It is what we learn from our history. Catalan is an autonomous federal on the Iberian Peninsula in Spain. For last few years, the federal has been demanding a decent divorce from their parent country. In order to press this demand more aggressively, the pro-independent activist, which constitutes a reasonable number of people living in the region, has been organising protest and demonstrations across the region. How can Spain leave its treasure pot, a region that holds a large number of industries and thus gives a huge amount of revenue every year? Actually, it is not just impossible. For Spain, which has been suffering a serious economic issue for last few years, it is disastrous. Giving a weapon on the pro-independence activists of Catalan, the Spain court had registered a case against the former Catalan President Artur Mas accusing him of conducting a referendum, which asked the opinion of the citizens of Catalan on whether to stay under the Spain government or not, without the consent of the parent government. As the trial over the issue begins today, nearly tens of thousands of pro-independence protesters gather outside the court room situated in Barcelona, the federal’s capital and largest city. It is evident that the pro-independence workers are trying to use this situation to campaign for the independence. It is learned that the prosecutors who appear for the Spain government argue in the court that the former supremo was involved in several civil disobedience activities so he should be banned from getting into any key position for at least ten years. Anyway, the social media releases numerous images of the protesting Catalans standing outside the court.


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Pro-independence movement gains momentum in Catalan