Published On: Tue, Sep 4th, 2018

Pro-Migrant groups organise heavily crowed music concert in Germany


“Nazi Out”, loudly shouted a person, who attended the music concerned organised by some leftist pro-Migrant groups to generate a feeling that those stand against the far-rightist attempts to create a feeling of xenophobia in the German society are not alone.

Nearly 65,000 people attended the event. Most of those who became a part of the event were either dressed in a way they clearly showed their reservation to the Nazi ideologies such as xenophobia and hate or chanted the anti-Nazi slogans such as “Nazi Out”.

It was the natural outcome of the conflict occurred in a East German city between the far-rightist and leftists on the issue of the murder of a German lady by an migrant. At that time, the leftist originally started the protest as an attempt to prevent the far-rightist from attacking all those not look like Germans in the name of the crime committed by the arrested migrant who actually committed the crime. By that move, the leftist were attempted to prevent the spread of the hate and xenophobia preached by the far-rightist for some political gains.

The unexpected support the concert achieved –actually, at a point, the organisers had to change the venue as the view they arranged had no adequate space to accommodate the large number of participated who marked into the venue denouncing all prediction which specified how many people would attend the event- proves that a considerable number of the German population still maintain a pro-migrant stand, despite the far-rightists persistent attempt to spread the maniac of hate through the perilous weapon of misinformation.


Vignesh. S. G

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Pro-Migrant groups organise heavily crowed music concert in Germany