Published On: Thu, Mar 16th, 2017

Protest emerges over the Brazil’s austerity measures  



Denouncing the pension reforms announced by the Brazilian government, tens of thousands of Brazilians have organised strong protest across the country over the austerity measures, which is likely to leave millions of people jobless and to increase the suffering of pensioners and those who are in the government service presently. As per the proposed reform, there will be a slight reduction in the pension amount and there will be a slight increment in the retirement age. Once the proposal is implemented, the government employee can only retire after his age has reached 65. Even if the Brazilian government has asserted that it is inevitable to implement such a plan in order to escape the intense financial crisis which is being suffered by the country at this time of the era, the message has not been taken well by the common Brazilians as they find these two elements of the reformation plan unacceptable.

The Brazilian President, Michel Temer, has hinted that if the reformation is not implemented the country would soon witness a complete collapse of the pension system which is currently supporting lakhs of citizens. Anyway, these clarifications have not stopped the people from organising strong protest across the country shouting provocative slogans. The opposition parties have perfectly gained the support of the jobless youth who are in the front row of the protest and tactically channelised their anger against the government, which has been already weakened by the financial crises.




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Protest emerges over the Brazil’s austerity measures