Published On: Mon, Nov 26th, 2018

Protest erupt in Ukraine over the capture of their ships by Russians


Several violent marches have organised across the European countries of Ukraine by the citizens of the country, as the Russian forces have provocatively captured nearly three Ukrainian ships from the waters close to the Crimean Peninsula –the area annexed by the Russian forces from Ukraine a couple of years ago.

The protesters have set ablaze a car parked in the Russian embassy located in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. As per a report, the car belongs to the Russian embassy. Anyway, Russia has not yet commented on this.

On the wake of these developments, the United Nations Security Council has decided to call an urgent meeting to evaluate the situation.

This is the first time in the recent history that Ukrainians have made a direct confrontation with the Russians.

Given that fact, the situation is to be categorised under the category of ‘unusual political development’ or ‘sensitive political development’.

Ukraine and Russia have been indirectly fighting each other since the annexation of Crimean by Russians. It is a well-known fact that Russia is the supporter of the separatist force which fights against the Ukraine force in the region close of Russia in Ukraine.

The Russia’s annexation is the reason that made Russia unwelcoming for the EU. Will the EU come to help Ukraine?



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Protest erupt in Ukraine over the capture of their ships by Russians