Published On: Tue, Dec 26th, 2017

Protest erupts in Peru over Fujimori’s humanitarian pardon


A huge protest has erupted in the Latin American country of Peru after President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski gave pardon to the ex-President, Alberto Fujimori, who was sentenced to nearly twenty-five years imprisonment for human rights abuses and corruption, whose party which indirectly saved the ruling party from the impeachment motion a couple of days before, on humanitarian grounds.

The protesters, chanting “no to the pardon”, have entered into the streets and public spaces, disturbing the peaceful atmosphere of a Christmas evening. They have alleged that the ruling government colluded with the Fujimorians ahead of the parliament’s impeachment vote.

The party led by those associated with the ex-President has a clear majority in the parliament. Experts say that had all the Fujimorians voted in favour of the impeachment motion, the ruling party would have faced a humiliating defeat. What happened in the parliament during the impeachment voting proves that there is some truth in the allegations triggered by the protesters against the ruling government and Fujimorians.

Anyway, publically denouncing the allegations raised against the ruling government, the president has asserted that the government has granted pardon to the ex-president purely on the basis of humanitarian grounds.

He has further said that he, as a ruler of a democratic country, cannot allow such a great person to die in prison.

Supporting the argument made by the supremo, the medical experts have also certified that the jailed former president is suffering from a serious illness. As per the medical date, the illness may become worse if he is placed under the uncomfortable prison conditions.


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Protest erupts in Peru over Fujimori’s humanitarian pardon