Published On: Sat, Nov 24th, 2018

Protest jolts Paris


Severe protest, aimed to express the people’s dissatisfaction towards the French government’s decision to keep the duty for diesel high, has jolted the European country of France.

The protest has taken place in as many as two thousand locations in France in the form of demonstrations and marches. Many of these have turned violent. In most of these, the police officials who were deployed by the government to manage the scene have used the means of coercion to disperse the crowd. The police action against the protesters is expected to invite criticism in the coming days.

Nearly three lakh people have participated in the protest held across one of the most powerful countries in Europe.

Many protesters, as well as police officials, have been injured in the protest. At this moment, it remains unclear the exact figure of those injured in the police action.

It is assumed that the protesters will come back with severe protest in the coming days if the government does not take any sincere effort to understand the grievances of the protesters and continues to use the means of coercion to deal with the voices of protest.

Emanuel Macron, once the most popular political figure of France, has already become an uncharismatic leader due to the policies he has adopted after he was inducted as the leader of France by the people ignoring the pleas and assurances of the establishment.

The ongoing protest is likely to further erode this young leader’s popularity.

Where is France heading to?



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Protest jolts Paris