Published On: Fri, Apr 12th, 2019

Protesters gather outside military headquarters in Sudan

Tens of thousands of protesters have gathered outside the military headquarters in Sudan, the country recently witnessed a regime change when its President Omar al-Bashir was ousted by its military.

Those gathered outside the military headquarters is of the opinion that those came to power after the ouster of the long-standing president is also a part of the removed regime.

They suspect that the latest coup is a sham intended to clandestinely continue what the removed regime stood for.

The removal was originally announced immediately after the military force entered into the compound where the president’s house is located.

It was the defence minister who announced officially through the state-run television that the country’s president was taken into the military’s custody and the country was brought under the direct rule of the military. The military also declared the temporary suspension of the country’s constitution and the introduction of the state of emergency.

Initially, the protesters welcomed the move. Actually, they, in that stage, considered it as the victory of their weeks-long protests and demonstrations across the country.

In reality, the protesters decision to continue their protest has stunned many, including the military regime. The protesters have even dared to defy the curfew declared by the military in the country, specifically in and around the national capital Khartoum.

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Protesters gather outside military headquarters in Sudan