Published On: Sat, Apr 1st, 2017

Protesters set Paraguay’s congress on fire

In a violent protest, which erupted after the controversial move of the Paraguayan Supremo to introduce a bill enabling him to contest in the upcoming general election as against the new constitution of 1992 which mandates a single five-year term for the country’s president, the country’s congress has been torched by the protesters. The protest has reached such a level that the security officials have had to use rubber bullets and water cannons to disperse the crowd. For nearly thirty-five years, the country was under the clutches of a ruthless dictator who grabbed the power through a coup. When the country’s new constitution was articulated, some strict provisions were included in order to avoid any kind of dictatorship in future by strictly restricting the supremo’s position as a single five-year term. Now, the opposition has succeeded in convincing the public that the new bill is an attempt to weaken the 1992 constitution which highlights democratic values. On the wake of new political development, it seems that the ruling party is likely to reanalyse their decision to move ahead with the bill. The chairman of the house has requested the people to stay calm. As per the report, the bill will not be considered in the upcoming sessions. Some International media reports that the protesters have looted the congress before setting it on fire. Experts say that any attempt to disrupt the social order using violent protest and any attempt to change the core value of the country’s constitution should not be encouraged and should be crushed in the beginning itself.


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Protesters set Paraguay’s congress on fire