Published On: Fri, Apr 7th, 2017

Public security officials have no right to call for strike: Brazil top court  




In a prominent court order, the Brazilian Supreme Court has held that the public security officials such as military police and civil police have no right to call for strike, and any attempt to do so is unconstitutional. Earlier, in February, the public security officials had called for strike derailing the peaceful living conditions. Even though there were strict directives in the constitution that the military police should not announce any stoppage, the officials purposefully or deliberately forgot the directives then. During that time, Espirito Santo had witnessed a tremendous increase in the murder cases. Then, the authorities even had to threaten the officials who called for the strike with the rebellion charges in order to settle the issue.

It seems that these realities have prompted the court to take this issue seriously and to deliver a strong verdict over the issue this time. As per the assessment, this new verdict is intended to make sure that such a disastrous situation will not happen again. Experts say that the public security official’s strike may lead the state to anarchy like situation. No constitutions support or encourage such actions, they added. Some consider this verdict as a perfect reference material to similar cases registered across the globe. It is advised that the police officials working across the world must be asked to take a pledge during his/her inception that he/she will not take part in any kind of union activates and will not call for strike.




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Public security officials have no right to call for strike: Brazil top court