Published On: Tue, Jun 6th, 2017

Qatar Isolated as rest of the GCC Unites

Diplomatic tension breaks out in Qatar as rest of the GCC cuts ties with the nation. This decision came in the early hours of Monday as the Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, The UAE, Yemen, Egypt, Libya united to sever any sort of relation with Qatar. This is not the first time Qatar has faced bitter treatment from its counterparts of GCC. Last time in 2014 Saudi severed tied with Qatar due to diplomatic reason but called it after 9 months.


Though already faced the bitterness in past, this time it can face a deeper consequence as the other nations have even suspended air travel to Doha. It has also asked the Qatari citizens in their country to leave. The Qatar embassies have been given 48 hours to evacuate, failing of which can lead to more harsh consequences.


Reason stated for such an action was because of Qatar’s support and funding to the Islamic Extremists. Even though Qatar had denied the allegations in past, the recent hack of their National news agency Al Jazeera brought out the much controversial elements. It is also accused of Supporting Israel and Iran. These two nations have had a rift with Islamic country Saudi Arabia in past.


It also has to be noted that this diplomatic decision has been taken 10 days after Trumps visit to Saudi Arabia. During his visit he stated and blamed Iran for instability in Middle east. He also asked the Arab countries to unite and fight against the terrorism.


Though the tension, it is not likely to hit the economic sector as such. Qatar is the largest exporter of LNG gas and it takes the sea route that’s avoids the barriers. But large quotient of food in Qatar is imported from Saudi Arabia and with the closure of land borders, it can face consequences. Also if this tension precedes, it might effect the construction and development for the FIFA WORLD CUP 2022. Qatar has assured the people residing that the diplomatic wouldn’t affect the daily life.


Countries like US, Turkey and Iran have the nations to talk it out. Kuwait has even offered to mediate the talks.



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Qatar Isolated as rest of the GCC Unites