Published On: Sat, Jun 24th, 2017

Qatar-Saudi crisis escalates; US calls it “family issue”










With Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, who imposed a strict sanction on Qatar, sending a 13-point list of demand, the issue between Doha and Riyadh is escalating rampantly. At the same time, the United States, which said to have emboldened Saudi to take such an extreme step against Qatar, has called the issue between two wealthy neighbours of the Middle East a ‘family issue’. The US’ approach casts doubt on the media speculations that the US is the mastermind behind the Saudi-Qatar crisis. It is learned that Qatar, who earlier expressed its willingness to engage in any kind of discussion, has now shown reluctance to consider the demand list sent by the four prominent Arab powers.

Some consider this as an ideological issue, pointing that the reason why such a sanction was imposed because in the recent times Qatar has developed good relation with Iran, which is the traditional rival of Saudi which possesses a different ideology compared to its rival. The Iran’s move to extend aid to Qatar immediately after the imposition of the sanction strengthens the speculations that it is an ideological issue.Observers warn that if this crisis continues it will help the radical Islamic groups to extend their foothold in these regions. If Saudi believes that Qatar has funded the Islamic militancy and they have adequate proof to substantiate their allegation, the issue should be taken to the International Court of Justice with the help of progressive powers, observers add.






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Qatar-Saudi crisis escalates; US calls it “family issue”