Published On: Mon, Jul 3rd, 2017

Qatar to get 48 hours more to accept Saudi’s demands

In one of the latest cases of pressure tactics exerted by the powerful Gulf countries ruled by the Sunni regimes such as Saudi Arabia over the Gulf countries supported by the Shia regimes such as Qatar, Riyadh led section has extended the deadline given to Doha to accept the demands send by them. Naturally, had Riyadh not considered the extension proposal, the deadline would have ended last day itself. Earlier, alleging that Qatar financially supported some extremist elements, the Saudi Arabia and some other Arab states which maintain a strong relationship with Riyadh such as the UAE, imposed a minor sanction over Doha. Later, they send a huge list of demand and given a deadline. Though the ailing Gulf state, Qatar, was then warned of severe consequences, it did not admit the defeat. Notably, the demands include shutting down of the Al Jazeera news media, which is funded by Qatar, and cutting ties with some of the prime supporters of Qatar. In fact, if the oil-rich Arab nation accepts these demands, it cannot any more remain as a sovereign state. Observers view the new political development in the region including the extension of the deadline as pressure tactics aimed at bringing the strategical region, Qatar, under the control of Saudi-led front, which is in fact backed by the United States. With Qatar taking stiffer measures to evade the pressure by accepting the support given by Iran, the Saudi’s prime rival, the Arab region, it seems, is going to witness another great turmoil.


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Qatar to get 48 hours more to accept Saudi’s demands