Published On: Tue, Aug 1st, 2017

Qatar’s Haj pilgrims likely to face rejection

While analysing the latest dialogue exchanges between the Saudi Arabian regime and Qatar government, it is apparent that the Qatar’s Haj pilgrims are likely to face a serious rejection. It is learned that nearly twenty thousand Qatari citizens have expressed their interest in participating in the Haj pilgrimage. In a statement, the Saudi regime has announced its plan to impose certain restrictions on the Qatari haj pilgrimage. It is said that Medina will be the sole entry point of the Qatari citizens. As per the report, the Qatari pilgrims will be advised to apply for a ‘visa on arrival’ in the aforementioned entry point. The disappointing fact is that the Saudi authorities are not willing to provide any assurance to their Qatari counterpart about the security of the neighbour’s pilgrims. The Riyadh’s provocative attitude has already invited criticism from the Doha regime.   Doha has strongly accused its neighbour of mixing the politics with the religious affairs. It is alleged that the Saudi is trying to restrict the Qatari pilgrims from performing the haj and to portray falsely that Doha is not permitting the citizens to perform the sacred haj. Meanwhile, some observers allege that those countries which are not in good relations with Riyadh aim to call for the internationalisation of the management of the Haj season, which is presently under the control of Saudi Arabia. The political crisis that began with the imposition of sanction on Qatar by Saudi Arabia accusing it of supporting the terror groups and of showing affinity to Iran, the arch-rival of Riyadh, now stands at its peak, with more and more Shina countries come forward to support the Qatari faction, which stands against the Sunni powerhouse fearlessly.


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Qatar’s Haj pilgrims likely to face rejection