Published On: Thu, Jun 22nd, 2017

Queen stands up in parliament at a tumultuous time for Britain.

Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday addressed the parliament about governments intentions and listed out its challenges at a time when the region is going through a lot of Internal political tension. This has come at a time when the Prime Minster lost her majority and is challenging herself by leading a minority government. She finds herself in a nowhere position as the her deal with DUP to get a majority is still at stake.


Queen’s speech included eight bills that were centered on Brexit and also on the recent terror attacks in the country.

On Brexit, queen announced the Great Repeal Bill to be introduced. The bill would convert all the existing EU laws into UK laws. She also mentioned that Brexit would mean striking new deals with EU as well other countries that fall under EU restriction policy. A new bill on immigration also would be introduced which promises to deliver a policy that controls the inflow.

She also voiced out her concerns on the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London. She has promised that necessary steps would be taken and also would amend the governments counter terrorism strategy to ensure the that police and security forces have all the powers they need.

A probe into Grenfel Tower fire too was promised. An event were nearly 80 people lost their life, an independent public advocate would be introduced for the relief of the affected families.


“My government’s priority is to secure the best possible deal as the country leaves the European Union,” said the Queen.


Azam Sait

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Queen stands up in parliament at a tumultuous time for Britain.