Published On: Mon, Apr 16th, 2018

Renowned Russian journalist Maxim Borodin died


A renowned Russian journalist, Maxim Borodin, who reported about the deaths of Russian mercenaries in the Syrian war, has died of the injuries he sustained when he allegedly fell from the fourth floor of the building.

Mr Borodin’s investigative story related to the death of Russian mercenaries gave serious headache to the government, and it literally forced Moscow to publically admit that several Russian was killed when the Russian mercenaries-powered pro-Syrian army attacked the US-backed Syrian rebels.

The chief editor of Novyy Den, the Russian media where the deceased journalist worked, has claimed that Mr Borodin had no reason to end his life.

Some of his friends have also reacted in the same way how the chief editor of the deceased journalist responded to the news of Mr Borodin’s death.

The investigators, after doing their preliminary investigation, has called the death an unnatural death, but failed to find any concrete evidence to assume it as a murder.

As per a report, the investigators have not found any evidence to stretch the case beyond the limitation of suicide.

For last few days, the deceased journalist has been investigating about a political scandal. Russia is one of the most unsafe places for journalists. The preponderance of the Russian media house is controlled by the government.


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Renowned Russian journalist Maxim Borodin died