Published On: Tue, Jul 18th, 2017

Republicans fail to find a feasible alternative to ‘Obamacare’




With the Republican moderators showing reluctance to support the new plan of the US government led by President Donald Trump to launch an alternative to the Obama’s renowned healthcare policy and two pro-government senators openly criticising the proposed plan, the Trump’s plan to replace the Obamacare, one of the most highlighted achievements of the erstwhile Obama administration, is gradually losing its relevance and acceptance. It is learned that it might be very difficult for the ruling administration to get the clearance of the house if the current flaws of the proposal are not sorted out and the consensus among its on members over the issue are not created.

There is a strong disagreement exists between two prominent sections of the Republican Party over the proposed medical policy. The Republican enjoys a clear majority in the house. Notably, the contradictory fact is that the new administration, which is only several months old, is facing opposition from its party members. During the presidential campaign, Mr Trump pledged that he would replace the Obamacare with the new plan. Actually, then, it was one of the prime offers of the Republican Party, which never expected a huge victory over their rival, Democrats, which was led by former President Obama’s follower, Hillary Clinton. Policy observers claim that had the Trump administration demonstrated little more vigilant when proposing a plan to replace the Obamacare which directly benefits millions of people, it would not have suffered a huge setback in the initial stage its regime.







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Republicans fail to find a feasible alternative to ‘Obamacare’