Published On: Thu, Jun 15th, 2017

Residents inflate as fire deflates.

It was a tragic day for London as fire broke out in A 24-story apartment. Grenfell Tower located on the streets of North Kensington in west London had caught fire around 1 AM, early dawn on Wednesday. The sight was awful with a lot of people injuring and burnt. As of now, the Death toll rises to 12.

London building

The residents and neighbors fumed up in anger, as they had already reported about voiced out their concern about the safety several years back. But nothing much was done. It was refurbished sometime before, but residents were not happy with it as it wasn’t safe. The building tenant management organization were informed about the people’s fear, but they were ignorant of the fact. One of the residents in the neighborhood Harry, who had been there outside the whol night, said that he saw the pieces falling of the building like the plastic cladding. He said “It’s cheap, that’s why they use it. They don’t care about people like us. You wouldn’t get away with cladding like that in Germany or Scandinavia, but here they don’t have that problem”.

It was a sight to see people coming forward to help the who were affects. The shopkeepers and grocery owners were seen pulling their carts and distributing food to the people standing out. One man was seen giving water and fruits to the firefighters. Firefighters too were terrified as they hadn’t seen anything like this over the years. A group of youth were seen distributing sandwiches to the people who had taken shelter in a near by garden.


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Residents inflate as fire deflates.