Published On: Sat, Aug 11th, 2018

Romania stifles people’s protest using Police


The Romanian government, which is accused of corruption, has stifled the people’s protest, which seeks the resignation of the country’s ruling political executive, with the support of its police personals.

The police authorities have clashed with the protesters, who have gathered in several locations across the country demanding the resignation of the ruling regime.

Notably, most of the protesters are Romanian expatriates. Several expatriates have even flown in as far as from the United States to take part in the protest. It indicates that the expatriates, who contribute a significant amount of money to the country’s economy each year, are not happy with the existing regime –the least known fact is that at least one quarter of the country’s workforce work abroad.

The Romanian government’s attempt to weaken the country’s judicial system is what that has triggered the latest protest. The Romanian government, in the recent past, has dismissed a judicial investigator who has been bestowed with the task of investigating the corruption charges levelled against some senior political leaders belonging to the ruling political party –there has been reports that the senior leaders of the ruling party have exerted extensive pressure over the president of Romania to dismiss the judicial official to derail the investigation process.

Anyway, at present, nearly one hundred protesters are under the medical assistance. The way the police forces have handled the protesters have invited wide criticism. In the coming hours, Romania, one of the Europe’s poorly developed countries, is likely to witness severe protest.


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Romania stifles people’s protest using Police