Published On: Wed, Dec 21st, 2016

Russia: bath lotion poisoning kills 58 people; illicit workshop is seized

Nearly fifty-eight people have been killed in Russia following the consumption of a bath lotion, which allegedly contains hazardous methyl alcohol. The report says that at least thirty-seven people has been seriously injured and are treated in the hospital. The preponderance of the victims who are presently treated in the hospital is not likely to sustain the injury caused by the bath lotion. The police authorities have seized the illegal workshop used to produce the lotion and arrested the owner. It is learned that those people who consumed the lotion believed the lotion is safe for the oral consumption purpose. The medical expert claims that the methyl alcohol, a prime component used in the lotion, can lead to death and can also cause blindness. Anyway, it is the worst and dangerous such poisoning happened in the recent history of the country. It is estimated that mostly people belonging to the lower middle-class section are affected by the poisonings. Moreover, the victims are mostly middle aged people. The people hailing from this section of the society often consume cheap products like perfume, window cleaner, after shave and et al as a perfect alternative to the alcohol. The strict sanctions imposed by the International society have badly disturbed the financial system of the country pushing the middle-class people and lower class people into terrible troubles. It is said that the producers of the product misguided the consumers. In the content specifications listed on the product cover, it is asserted that the ethyl alcohol is used in the product instead of methyl alcohol.


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Russia: bath lotion poisoning kills 58 people; illicit workshop is seized