Published On: Wed, Apr 11th, 2018

Russia engages in word-war with US in UN over Syrian Chemical Attack issue


Deepening the rift between Russia and the United States, the Moscow’s representatives have engaged in an aggressive word-war with the Washington representatives over the Syrian Chemical Attack issue in a United Nations Security Council meeting organised to discuss whether a special inquiry team must be deployed to investigate the attack.

Earlier, it was alleged that the Syrian government forces, which were in the task of regaining Douma from the Islamic rebels, used some kinds of chemical weapons in the region.

As per a media report, several dozens of innocent people were killed in the chemical bomb attack allegedly executed by the Syrian government forces.

Subsequently, the United States and the west have asserted that the Syrian government would face serious consequences for the irrational act it executed.

Meanwhile, the Russian government has come to the rescue of the Syrian ruling regime, indirectly warning that it would not stay calm if the west engages in any aggressive military action against the Syrian regime.

In a sense, what the United States Security Council has witnessed is a natural outburst of this sequence of events.

In the UNSC meeting, the US and Russia –both hold veto power- have vetoed each other’s proposals over the Syrian Chemical Attack.


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Russia engages in word-war with US in UN over Syrian Chemical Attack issue