Published On: Tue, Mar 14th, 2017

Russia sends contestant to Eurovision Ukraine

In a move which can be interpreted either as an effort to reconciliation or as a bid aimed at provocation, the Russian government has decided to send their candidate to the prestigious Eurovision music contest, which is scheduled to take place in Ukraine. The unexpected announcement declaring the name of the Russian candidate has come a day before the deadline announced to file the application.

It is said that the X Factor fame, Julia Samoilova, is the Russian entry to the prestigious show. Earlier, there were speculations that the Russian authorities would not try to file a contestant in the song contest as it is not in good terms with the Ukraine government. At this moment, it is not clear how will the Ukraine SBU react to the Russian bid to file a contestant in the renowned music contest. A senior SBU leader confirms that a liberal stand would be taken while considering the issue. Samoilova has already participated in several music shows across the disputed Crimea region and has not been blacklisted by the SBU authority so far, are the advantages she holds when a scrutiny over this issue will happen. Russian and Ukraine have been fighting a long battle over the Crimea region since this region was provocatively occupied by the Russian army. Experts say that if the new development is highlighted as the first step towards the reconciliation it will shower a new future to the ailing European region.





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Russia sends contestant to Eurovision Ukraine