Published On: Tue, Jun 13th, 2017

Russian authority detains opposition leader again








Accusing Alexei Navalny of violating the Russia’s law on staging rallies, the security authority has detained the prime opposition leader, along with hundreds of other young protesters who took part in a rally on the Russia Day in order to express their protest over the raising corruption among the top level officials and political executives in the country. According to the report released by an independent NGO, the Russian authority has arrested nearly eight hundred and twenty-five protesters. Anyway, the official authority, who has the track record of numerous forceful suppressions, has confirmed the arrest of nearly five hundred people. Mr Navalny uses social media to connect with his supporters and to reach out to the new audience.

Recently, he has posted several videos shooting strong allegations at the Russian establishment ruled by the Russian supremo, Vladimir Putin.   Usually, in the Russian Day, no protest is conducted as it is regarded as a day of happiness and celebration. From the videos circulating in the social media platform, it is apparent that it was difficult for the police forces to pinpoint the protesters as there were numerous people in the venue who came there to celebrate the Russian Day. However, it seems that the police or riot prevention force randomly picked the people from the huge crowd. The day and the venue opted for expressing the dissatisfaction give a huge blow to the Russian establishment which has no intention to tolerate any dissident voices and to showcase their weakness before the International community.







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Russian authority detains opposition leader again