Published On: Thu, Feb 9th, 2017

Russian opposition leader convicted of embezzlement

Giving a feeling, once again, that the Russian government ruthlessly or tactically breaks all opponents of the Putin-led regime in order to keep the supremo’s chair undisturbed or in an effort to prevent the generation of any dissident voices against the Russian dictator, and creating a thought that even the judicial system may be purposefully used by the government to meet their political goals, a Russian court has convicted the prominent opposition leader and anti-corruption activist, Alexei Navalny, of the embezzlement, a crime that he strongly denies any involvement.

The outspoken Russian hero, who is considered by many as the most powerful opponent of the Russian President in the upcoming election, is banned from running the election due to a five-year suspended sentence given by the court for the embezzlement crime. Acknowledging the statement that the anti-corruption campaign led by Navalny disturbed many powerful leaders close to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the opposition leader, while speaking to the media personals immediately after the court’s verdict, claims that it is a politically motivated verdict. He further asserts that despite the court order he would participate in the upcoming election. It is learned that the European Union strongly condemns the action of the Russian court and government against the one and only strong dissident voice of the country. It seems that the issue is going to trigger serious discussions across the world about the Russian dictatorial government and its ruthless governance. At this moment, it is not yet clear how the newly elected US supremo, who supports the Russian regime openly, react to the new political developments in Russia.




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Russian opposition leader convicted of embezzlement