Published On: Mon, May 15th, 2017

Russian protesters denounces new construction project

A new construction project through which the Russian government is planning to demolish some soviet era buildings in the pretext of creating the living space for more people has met with strong protest as the protesters fear that they would be forced to leave their property without even getting a proper compensation and are not convinced by the proposed motive that, said to be, prompted the Moscow authorities to take such a welfare step. According to the report, tens of thousands of people has taken to the street of Moscow in order to express their reservation about the aggressive plan which would force them to leave their homes if it is executed. While speaking to the media persons, some protesters have alleged that the government is trying to help the giant construction conglomerates through this step. Some poor protesters ask, to the authorities through the media, where they will live after their house has been completely demolished.   The protesters have sought the resignation of the Moscow Mayor, Sergey Sobyanin. It is learned that the Russian supremo, Vladimir Putin, has supported the ambitious project and strongly backed the Moscow supremo. The renovation projects have always been a subject of great concern. Especially, it is being done by an authoritarian system. Very often, these projects, when it is implemented under an authoritarian regime, deprive the rights of the common people in order to uphold the interest of the regime and those powers which back the regime. The international institutions must form a feasible policy to deal with such situations, considering the reality that it is not fair to push anyone out of their habitat.


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Russian protesters denounces new construction project