Published On: Sat, Aug 26th, 2017

SA coffin case reaches appreciable climax

 Clearly reminding its citizens of the fact that the South African government never tolerates any kinds of racial discrimination and racial violence, the country’s court has convicted two white farmers who threatened a black man of killing and locking him in the coffin. Though the two culprits –Theo Martins Jackson and Willem Oosthuizen- have denied the charges filed against them saying that they never intended to hurt any black man, the court is likely to give strong punishment to the culprits in order to deliver a strong message to the public as the prosecution has succeeded in proving the case beyond a reasonable doubt. Victor Mlotshwa, the black victim who got huge public support after the publication of the disturbing video in which it was seen him being threatened by the two white men, has expressed happiness in the court’s decision. His mother has also expressed happiness and demanded harsher punishment for the culprits. There are reports that most of the atrocities against the black SAs go unreported. This disturbing fact gives a feeling that the country, which once recovered from the clutches of the racial violence and discrimination, left behind some small buds of the evil thought, which has a bad potential of flourishment. Experts say that the South African citizens must learn lessons from the past. The authorities must make sure that similar cases of violence against the black people are reported to the concerned authority at the right time, say the experts.


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SA coffin case reaches appreciable climax