Published On: Wed, Jan 9th, 2019

Saudi woman stuck in Bangkok legitimate refugee, declares UN


The United Nations has declared Saudi Arabian teenager Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun, who escaped from his family during their trip from Saudi to Kuwait, and who is, at present, stuck in Bangkok as her attempt to reach Australia via Bangkok following her escape has been blocked in the Bangkok airport by the Malaysian authorities.

Australia, even though has not yet admitted openly that it would allow the Saudi woman to enter its territory as a political refugee, has hinted that they would not let the lady to make the trip back to her country against her wish.

The lady, while speaking to the United Nations authorities in Bangkok, has told them that she would be killed for renouncing her faith if she returns to her country.

The UN authorities have found out that the lady has undergone several physical and psychological traumas in her home country.

Normally, the legitimacy of an asylum clam is verified by the country to which the request is made. Rarely, that task is done by the UN directly.

The direct involvement of the International organisation in the case itself is enough to prove how keen it is to ensure the safety of the woman.


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Saudi woman stuck in Bangkok legitimate refugee, declares UN