Published On: Fri, Oct 20th, 2017

Scientists discover new combination capable of fighting cancer


Globally, nearly nine million people die of cancer each year. Within a short time, the disease has become one of the leading causes of mortality in the earth. Though the disease is curable, it is still considered as one of the dangerous disease seen in the world.

Even though there has been, as per the report, a sharp decline in the fund invested to do researches in the field in the recent times, several medical experts and scientists, overcoming the constraints, have managed to come up with numerous successful discoveries, which has the potential to decrease the threat level posed by the disease.

One such discovery is that “the right combination of ‘Vitamin C’ and proper antibiotics can kill cancer cells more effectively”.

Experts say that these small discoveries are very important in the medical field. The experts add that sometimes such small discoveries do wonders.

The experts further add that the developed countries and International organisations should earmark more funds to encourage the scientists and medical experts, who devote their lives to make others less vulnerable to this fatal disease.


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Scientists discover new combination capable of fighting cancer