Published On: Mon, Apr 3rd, 2017

Serbians elect pro-EU leader as supremo


Aleksandar Vucic, the pro-European Union leader and the present Prime Minister of Serbia, has said to be won a clear majority in the presidential election, ensuring his berth in the top post. According to the report, Mr Vucic has secured nearly fifty-five per cent votes. Interestingly, his rivals have not come anywhere near his vote share. The second position and third position, won by Sasa Jankovic and Ljubisa Preletacevic respectively, has had to settle for mere fifteen per cent votes and nine per cent votes respectively. It is learned that Mr Vucic’s policy to create a close relation with the European Union without detaching from Russia and China has found a good acceptance among the public.

Throughout his campaign, he highlighted the economic development activities initiated by his government, assuring a powerful growth to the country. Though his past life as a radical nationalist hunts him extensively, it seems that in the latest election the discussion was not taken into that direction. It is an interesting fact that his actual political life started when he ditched his radical nationalist activities and started the Nationalist Progressive Party. Notably, in the 2014 parliamentary election, Mr Vucic secured an astounding victory, opening a new era in the Serbian history. Some suspects that Mr Vucic may try to attach more powers to the presidential post which is presently a ceremonial post. Anyway, clearing all doubts over the issue, Mr Vucic asserts that he respects the constitution of the country.






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Serbians elect pro-EU leader as supremo