Published On: Wed, Nov 1st, 2017

Several deaths occur during NK’s nuclear experiments: Japanese media report


In one of the shocking report released by a Japanese news media, it has been stated that several deaths occur during the North Korean nuclear experiments.

So far, the iron curtain country has conducted nearly six powerful nuclear tests. At this moment, it is not clear how many people killed in each nuclear tests conducted by the senseless NK regime.

Anyway, the Japanese media, which has reported the terrific news, has quoted an NK person, who is not willing to declare his identity before the world, as saying that nearly two hundred people were killed in the latest nuclear test.

As per the information acquired by some brave journalists of the Japanese media, the aforementioned nuclear disaster occurred days after the NK’s sixth nuclear test.

The media have reported that the collapse of the tunnel erected in the nuclear test site was the prime cause of the deaths.

It has been learned that two major collapses happened in the test site after the sixth nuclear test.

It has been said that around one hundred people died in the first collapse and another hundred people killed in the second cave-in. The unconfirmed reports have suggested that the second collapse took place while the rescue officials were carrying out their rescue operation.


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Several deaths occur during NK’s nuclear experiments: Japanese media report