Shame on Suu Kyi


Suu Kyi was a respected leader. The sufferings she endured when she was placed under the house arrest by the then military regime prompted the International community to line up behind her. The community looked Myanmar through the eyes of this charismatic leader. It extended all kinds of supports for what she wanted to achieve for her people. Finally, with the help of the global support, Ms Kyi overthrown, at least partially, the military regime and established a civilian government. Her struggle became a part of the history. It motivated many across the world. Ms Kyi was conferred with several awards and honours.

The aforementioned is what happened in the past. There is a depressing present to this story.

The lady who once achieved several honours including the Nobel Peace Prize has shamelessly tried to justify the imprisonment of two journalists –Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo- who exposed a brutal massacre carried out by her country’s army.

Actually, the Burmese army is not under the Myanmar civilian government. In that sense, there is no need for Ms Kyi to justify the crimes committed by that force. But, Ms Kyi has done that. Why?

There is a justification that in order to prevent the occurrence of a political instability she had no way but to defend the army. But, should such a reputed person like Ms Kyi do that at the cost of several lakh innocent Rohingya lives and two imprisoned journalists.

Time will prove that!!!


Vignesh. S. G

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Shame on Suu Kyi