Published On: Tue, Mar 12th, 2019

Shock! Slovenian woman chopped her hand off to fraudulently obtain insurance money

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To fraudulently obtain insurance money, a Slovenian woman has chopped her hand off using a machine, which is usually used to cut iron or similar hard metals in factories.

The Slovenian police authorities have found that the lady has been encouraged and supported by her family to do the criminal activity.

Moreover, as per the police’s findings, she has obtained the help of one of her friends to chop her hand off.

The authorities have also found that when she has been taken to the hospital her family has purposefully left her severed hand behind to make sure that she suffers a permanent damage.

The authorities have also discovered that the crime has been committed not very long after she brought an insurance policy for her hand.

All these evidences give strength to the assumption reached by the Slovenian police authorities that the lady has purposefully committed the crime to fraudulently obtain the money.

If her claim is found genuine, the insurance company from which she obtained the policy cover for her hand will have to pay a huge compensation of 4oo,ooo Euro and a monthly support of over 3,000 Euro.

Meanwhile, if she is found guilty of the charges the Slovenian police have registered against her, she will have to face a tough jail sentence.


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Shock! Slovenian woman chopped her hand off to fraudulently obtain insurance money