Published On: Wed, Aug 23rd, 2017

Shocking! Headless torso matches Journalist Kim Wall’s DNA

Confirming that the headless torso found in the waters off Denmark by the police force is the dead body of missing Journalist Kim Wall, the Copenhagen police officials have said, through their twitter handle, that the DNA of Ms Wall has matched with the torso. Ms Wall is an internationally acclaimed journalist who has worked for the renowned International publications such as the New York Times and the Guardian. It is learned that the journalist has not returned after she has departed on a submarine trip with inventor Peter Madsen. As per the police’s findings, Mr Madsen has deliberately sunk the submarine from which he has been rescued just before the incident. According to the report, Mr Madsen has given two contradictory statements to the concerned officials –initially he has told the police that he dropped the deceased journalist near Copenhagen, but he has later told them that the journalist died in an accident and he buried her at the sea. Ms Wall has been researching about Mr Madsen and his submarine for last few weeks. At this moment, it is not clear whether the unnatural death has anything to do with the story she has been working for in her last days. An investigation is on. Several International journalist organisations have demanded an efficient investigation in the issue. The incident indicates that the journalists across the world are extremely vulnerable to all kinds of attacks due to the character of the job they are doing. It is the high time for the governments to find a feasible policy to protect the journalist community, which is regarding as the eyes and ears of the society.


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Shocking! Headless torso matches Journalist Kim Wall’s DNA